Paddy Irishman Press Pics

Since its launch on Irish national television in 2021 when 500 Paddies responded to Ross O’Callaghan’s call to get in touch the Paddy Irishman Project has been a worldwide media story.

Generating a total of 1.1BN in Total PR reach for 2021, 2022 and 2023 for 2024 we are happy to confirm the project has secured the worldwide rights to the phrase ‘Paddy Irishman’.

The worldwide trademark and copyright on Paddy Irishman prevents its use for publication or commercial use for any other reason than in association with the positive stories, images of Ireland and Ireland’s Paddies. That is the principal objective of photographer Ross O’Callaghan’s creative arts work. The action to secure the rights is a symbolic gesture to prompt reappraisal of Ireland on the world stage, in the way the portraits themselves are intended to.

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